About CCMA

“It is true that we cannot make a genius. We can only give to each child the chance to fulfill his potential possibilities.” – Maria Montessori

Our teachers are trained in the Montessori way. This teaching was created and perfected by Maria Montessori.

This is the period in which discipline becomes established: a form of active peace, of obedience and love, when work is perfected and multiplied, just as when the flowers in spring get their colors and prepare a distant harvest of sweet and nourishing fruit. – Maria Montessori

Advantages of becoming part of the CCMA Community

  • Our hours are 7:00am – 5:30pm.
  • We offer a 12 month-2.5 year toddler program.
  • We offer the Montessori three year cycle, Primary ages 2.5 years-6 years old.
  • We offer full time and part time schedules for our students.
  • We have Montessori Certified Head Guides and Group Leader Qualified Assistants.
  • We have Private Security for our parents to enter and exit the building.
  • Montessori work cycles are complemented with traditional learning sessions. So your child gets the best of both world from a learning and development perspective.
  • Children develop problem solving strategies in their environment, at CCMA and at home.
  • Children are encouraged to choose work that they are interested in with the assistance of the Head Guide and the Assistants.
  • There will be individual and group instruction.
  • The areas of learning in the Primary Classrooms are Practical Life, Art, Sensorial, Math, Language, Geography, and Cultural studies.
  • The Montessori Materials are self-correcting.
  • The child learns a deep respect for their environment and others in the classroom.
  • We have multi-age classrooms. The Head Guide encourages the older children to give lessons to the younger children.  The younger children are allowed to observe the older children’s advanced work. The older children gain self-confidence from the ability to teach.
  • Located in close proximity to the beautiful Saddle Rock Golf Course, our school is set inside a quiet community – away from the madness of busy roads. We are backed by a beautiful nature trail, surrounded by quiet and calm surroundings . This quietness and serenity of our surroundings is unique to our school as most other preschools nearby are on busy intersections.

Meet our Staff